• "Hi Ines, I already have the patch with me. It worked! Thank you very much for your attention"

               Mariana - ARGENTINA (August of 2017)

  • "Received. Thank you very much for your effort and dedication, it is so beautiful"

               Oriol - Barcelona (December of 2016)

  • "I've received today the patches, thank you very much for all, they are lovely!"

               Carolina - CHILE (September of 2016)

  • "We would like to say that we are delighted with the patches, great job. "

               Rebeca - León (May of 2016)

  • "Fast delivering, quality and care in every detail of the patch...totally recommended, morover you can rely on having a correct oclusion of the eye"

               Sara - Sevilla (February of 2016)

  • "We received my son's patch some days ago... thank you very much for your service... we love it... I will advertise you everywhere."

               Silvia - Valladolid (November of 2015)

  • "Thanks for your efficient service. Tha parcel just arrived and so far I feel very satisfied with the design and feel.
    Thanks a lot!"

               Kerstin - Malaga (October of 2015)

  • "Thank you very much! Everything went perfect and patches are very cute, until next time!."

               Ana - SWITZERLAND  (July of 2015)

  • "The patch arrived last Friday. Eventhough we have seen the pictures and video about how to use the pirate patch it costs a little bit to keep the eye patch in place. Finally we got it making her a ponytail! In the end our daughter is happy wearing it and does not complain, so all good :)
    Thank you so much for everything.."

               Sergio - Madrid (Abril of 2015)

  • "Yesterday I've received the patch I ordered and I want to congratulate you; on one hand how good I am feeling it and secondly the kindness of the person who talked me by phone. Thank you very much and we will keep in touch."

               Ana - Madrid (December of 2014)

  • "The order has arrived today.  Thank you very much, and congratulations for the excellent quality and large variety of your product."

               Ana - SWITZERLAND (December of 2014)

  • "I've just received the order. All just as expected, and very good explanations."
            Jose Miguel - Albacete (November of 2014)
  • "Yesterday I've received my patches. I love them !!! They are better than I thought, even better than pictures of your website ;)  Thank you very much for all, you have excellent service and products! "

            Laura - CANADÁ  (October of 2014)

  • "Thank you very much for your work and good management.  The eye patch is marvelous and the swimmer system is unsurpassable.  When I have the chance, I will undoubtedly recommend you to other people."

            Carolina - Madrid  (September of 2014)

  • "Product quality is very good and delivery time was really quick.  Tomorrow I will be able to go to the wedding with a smart solution."

            Javier - Madrid  (July of 2014)

  • "This eye patch is the most comfortable and nicer that I've saw.."

           Diego - Islas Baleares  (June of 2014)

  • "I use it when I have to have a break of using my prothesis, it fits perfectly and meets my needs."

           Ricardo - Valencia  (May of 2014)

  • "This is a lovely eye patch. Thank you for your work."
           Sergio - Bizkaia  (April of 2014)
  • "I've bought a concave eye patch and I am really satisfied with your product."
           Noe - Toluca (MEXICO)  (October of 2013)
  • "Thank you very much. My son was delighted because he found your patches really comfortable."         
           Leonor - Islas Canarias   (October of 2013)
  • "I've received the patch I ordered and I'd like to thank you for solving my problem of can not go out due to the plastic eye patches I had found: they made me sweat and they were aesthetically really ugly."
           Ángel - Badajoz  (August of 2013)
  • "I've been delighted with the patch I received.  In fact, it is highly delicate and really well done."
           Sandra - Madrid  (July of 2013)
  • "I've received the eye patch like I've expected.  All was very correct: both information and customer service.  Quick shipment and quality that I thought."
           Luis - Madrid  (June of 2013)
  • "We are thankful for your  good service although we were so far away."
           Marisol - Buenos Aires.  (May of 2013)
  • "We have received it correctly and it is very comfortable. We are using it from now on."

           Daniel - Madrid  (April of 2013)


Young man with a black concave eye patch with 6mm. strap
Detail of young woman with a plain eye patch fixed with 6 mm. strap

Woman with a plain eye patch fixed with 6 mm. strap

Children with a plain patch fixed with 6mm. strap using a hair pin

Detail of a beige concave eye patch with 1mm. white cord

Children with a plain eye patch fixed with 1mm. cord

Male with beige concave eye patch

Male with a gray plain eye patch with 6mm. strap