Do you ship worldwide?

YES. We ship worldwide. Revise Shipping details to get more information. Keep in mind that VAT is EXCLUDED in our prices and this tax (21%) concerns to European Union countries. If you live in an EU country, when you confirm your order you will see that the final price is VAT included for you.

How can I order an eye patch?

Click here to watch our video

1) Choose category of eye patches that you are interested in (plains / concaves)

2) Choose the fabric that you prefere and click MORE button when passing the mouse over the picture.

3) Select size, elastic length and type of elastic on the box that is on the right of screen (there are different colour options both strip and cord).
In order to ensure the size that best fits your needs, on the home page you have links to templates which can download, print, and cut on real size. It is possible too clicking here to see it.

4) Click button "Add to cart" and then "Confirm" your order.

5) Once finished your purchase, you must "Proceed to ckeckout" and introduce your information. If you have bought before, it would be useful using your email and password to recover data introduced before.

6) Write any additional information related with your order. For example: patch for a children, inside made of leatherette, etc...

7) Select the payment method that you prefere available for your country (there is additional information on link Payment methods):
         - Payment by credit or debit card
         - Payment by bank wire
         - Cash on delivery
         - Payment with PAYPAL

What are the advantages of our eye patches?

1) Our patches do not use adhesives that can irritate the skin. They come equipped with elastic bands that keep the patch over the eye.

2) It serves to both eyes thanks to its anatomical design (plains and not lined concaves). You will not need to differentiate between eye patches depending on the eye that you need to protect.

3) Our plain textile and lined concave patches are opaque and adapts to the face in a way that prevents light from entering the covered eye. Any patch that allows light to enter is really uncomfortable.

4) The production of our patches is highly personalized. We can tailor all materials to the request of our customers. If you have any specific allergies or needs, we make our patches to adhere to your requests: you just have to send us your fabric.

5) Unlike patches made with leather or silicone, our patches are made with a textile finish that is breathable for your eye.

Which size should I choose?

In order to select the right size please download our templates (concave and plain patches) from the bottom of the home page. You can print out each one and see which size is best fitted for you. If you do not find the perfect fit, we can make a customized patch using the height and width that you require. We recommend that you clarify exactly what size you prefer and order accordingly in the future to best fit your needs.

Can I order a concave opaque patch?

Yes. You may select the option 100 % opaque on not lined concave patches. In this case the patch would only serve to one eye and the concavity will be reduced by roughly 2 mm. On the other hand our plain patches are 100 % opaque. On the other hand, all lined concave eye patches are 100% opaque.

Which elastic should I choose?

The elastic band offers a firm grip and length that is easily adjustable by sliding the clasp. The elastic cord puts less tension on the face in providing more comfort. In terms of aesthetics, it is very discreet. You may adjust the length by sliding the slipknot. We recommend considering the adjustment of the length as well as the value of the patch aesthetically.

The swimmer elastic type has a double cord on the backside to ensure the correct position of the elastic that should be over the head but it is possible to use it without opening (click here to see video)

Either band and cord elastic offers a firm grip, but we suggest you the swimmer type for children. Generally, we suggest assess aesthetics and firmness over the face to choose your elastic type.

Can children use this type of patch?

Yes. However, you must pay attention to the adjustment of the patch to keep it from sliding. For girls, a simple solution to adjusting the patch would be to use a hair clip to hold the band in place if it begins to slide. For boys, there is the swimmer elastic type. The comfort of the patch makes it easily adjustable. The usefulness of it with children depends on their willingness to wear it properly without removing it. We recommend our patches for children above 7 years old.
Please, write down in the additional information of your order that it is a patch for children.

Can this patch be washed?

Yes. It must be hand-washed with cold water to avoid damaging the material. Do not use hot air to dry the patch, let it air-dry.

Can I use the textile patch over a wounded eye?

> NO. We do not recommend the textile patch for wounded eyes because the tissue used in the textile patch can irritate the wounded area. We recommend the concave patch with the 12 mm depth (large size) or the concave patch with the 8 mm depth (medium size) for wounded eyes avoiding the contact with your eye.

Can I wear glasses with these patches?

This depends on the model of the glasses. Depending on what type of glasses you would like to wear to see out of your other eye, the support on your nose is very important. You must try on the pair of glasses you would like to wear over your patch to see if it fits properly. All glasses vary.

Can I have a patch madre from a fabric of my choosing?

If you wish to use a fabric that we do not offer, we will need to be provided with a cut of the material of 25cm x 25 cm. Contact us beforehand to let us know which material you would prefer.

How much will it take to receive my order?

It depends on the charge of work we were having at this moment and the type of transport you choose. For more information, please visit our Shipping details.

Is there a store where you can find these patches?

NO. Our products are hand made in Spain and ar only sold online via our website. Our designs are registered with the "Spanish Patent and Trademark Office" and cannot be replicated by outside sources.

In case of technical problem or trouble using our website, send us an email to

contacto@unparcheparaunojo.com and we will answer as soon as posible.