About us and our eye patch shop

Image of Your Eye Patch founder

All started in a 2012 Autumn evening...

        Some years ago a close relative was diagnosed of diplopia. Since then, he had been testing different kind of eye patches which were availables in the market: stickys, silicone concaves, even some fabric patches what, actually, looked more like a costume.  None of them really had satisfied him thinking on a permanent use.

One day, having me realized the troubles he was having, I thought in a design which was comfortable to wear, smart and able to be reused. After several versions and tests, the definitive design of my first patch was born.  It was so succesfull that I decided to offer it to be used from other people.

On www.youreyepatch.com you can find different kind of eye patches to satisfy the needs of those people who whatever reason need to wear an eye patch: mainly, the flat patch and the concave patch which was created later.

In this map (updated in July of 2017) you will find the 22 countries all over the world where our patches have been arrived.

World map of reached destinations of our eye patches

      On www.youreyepatch.com we will be thankful of knowing from your own experience using our eye patches.  You can sending it by e-mail to contacto@unparcheparaunojo.com

I hope our products will be helpful for you.