Getting to know our eye patches

    Our customizable patches are known to be the most comfortable and fashionable of any other eye patches on the market today. The designs have even been registered at the SPTO (OEPM). 

Eye patches handcrafted in Spain: carefully made.

    We make every eye patch handcrafted in Spain and fully customized.  We spend two hours to prepare the patch and preparing the shipment ensuring you will receive in perfect condition the patch that best fits your needs.

After receiving your order, if you have any questions about how to wear or use the patch, our team will be available via phone, email or on Skype happy to help you.

    The eye patches of are made only with the best quality material.  They are easy to clean and have an elastic strap that allows you to shorten or lengthen to your liking.  Fabrics are breathable while ensure the required opacity.
    Note that these patches are not for single use: have an average life of 3 months which may vary depending on usage conditions. To keep them in good condition they can be washed by hand with cold water and drying by air.
Concave eye patch put on a model
Mobile snap to adjust length   The 6mm strap can be adjusted by simply sliding the mobile snap to a length that is the most comfortable for your head.
Ring to tie the 1 mm. cord   If you prefer using a 1mm strap, we will gladly provide it for you to connect in whatever way suits you using a small ring .
Eye patches layered with different materials    Our patches are layered with different materials that prevent the patch from creasing or folding while providing the most comfort and versatility.

Skeleton of concave eye patches     The concave model is 12mm deep in its center, allowing your eye enough room to move freely without coming in contact with the patch protecting it. This patch is perfect for those with a injury to their eye who are in need of a patch throughout the healing process. Keep in mind that, unlike the textile patch, the concave model is not completely opaque. If you are looking for opaque, take a look at Frequently Asked Questions.  Note that lined concave patch are always fully opaque.

Visiting or you will find three kind of patches allowing you to choose that what best fits to your style and your needs:

Plain eye patch


Beige concave eye patch


Lined black concave eye patch


Updated on 11th of November of 2014