Shipping details

Making time of your order:

     Once we have received your order payment, the preparation time could be from two to five business days depending on the working charge that we are having.


     Patch models labeled "ready to ship" does not require preparation time (photo model in sizes M and L).


Delivery time of your order and shipping cost:

   Once we have made your order, we will notify you its shipping by email. All our shipments have a tracking code in order to allow you to know the shipment status. We will inform you the link you have to use.

   The shipping cost includes VAT for national and European destinations and it is informed in the shopping cart. It not include any Customs fees.

Features of Parcel Service -  Express 24/48 hours:

    To Spanish destinations, delivery is guaranteed, once we have made your order, in 24/48 hours (Spanish peninsula). Exceptions apply to rural areas and small towns.

    Keep in mind that there is no option for deliveries or shipments on Saturday, Sunday or holiday.

    In order to allow you to track your order, we will indicate you the link you have to use and the tracking code.

    This service includes two delivery attempts and two notifications in case of absence. It is possible to indicate a prefered interval of time, but it is not guaranteed it will be kept.  Keep in mind that the maximum delivery time is 7 days. If not delivered, it will be returned to us with charges that will need to be covered by the customer in order for a second delivery to take place.

    It is necessary to provide a mobile phone to manage any delivery incident.

    INTERNATIONAL: Service provided by shipping company FedEx. Guarantee delivery from 2 to 6 work days (main cities of the country)

Features of Certificate Mail of Correos - National & International (Delivery at home):

    Delivery time of international destinations will be shown when you place the order. Roughly 93% of shipments take indicated time although this is not guaranteed considering external factors like customs delays.

    To track your order you must use the following link: and introduce your tracking code. If it is an international destination, you will find the order status until the exit of Spain. Once your order is abroad the tracking option depends on the postal service of the destination country.

    Keep in mind that if you are not at home during the attempted delivery, the package will be set to your local post office for some days.

    If not collected, it will be returned to us with charges that will need to be covered by the customer in order for a second delivery to take place.

 September 1st, 2018